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: Puerto Rico : desplazamiento y recuperación, 03 May 2019
PUB: The Land and Its People: Civil Society Voices Address the Crisis over Natural Resources in the Middle East/North Africa, 20 December 2018
PUB: Lebanon: Evicting Syrian Refugees, 24 October 2018
PUB: HICtionary Newly Updated, 06 May 2018
DOC: Carta a la Presidenta de Chile, 12 February 2018
DOC: Recurso de protección Balmaceda Antofamagasta, 12 February 2018
DOC: Chile: Pobladores en frente al desalojo en Antofagasta, 12 February 2018
CON: Out of Africa: Human Rights Habitat Struggles, 07 November 2017
CON: South Africa: Repression in Durban, 04 October 2017
DOC: Human Rights Habitat Observatory, 10 July 2017
DOC: Gains and Losses of Habitat III, 09 July 2017
DOC: الحق في المدينة المفاهيم العامة وتطبيقها على الصعيد المحلي, 14 June 2017
DOC: NUA Reporting in 2018 Crucial, 11 May 2017
CON: Habitat III Statement, 20 October 2016
ADV: بيان التحالف بشأن الموئل الثالث, 20 October 2016
ADV: Déclaration de HIC à Quito, 16 October 2016
CON: Alternative Forums outside of Habitat III, 14 October 2016
CON: تحالف للموئل موجهاً اللجنة التحضيرية (3) للموئل الثالث, 27 August 2016
CON: “Alternativas desde la sociedad civil hacia Hábitat III,” Interquorum Nueva Generación, No. 20, 12 August 2016
DOC: Alternativas desde la sociedad civil hacia Hábitat III,, 12 August 2016
CON: HIC Addresses Habitat III PrepCom3, 27 July 2016
RES: A Tool for Evaluative Habitat III Reporting: Responding to the Need for Evaluative National Reports, 24 July 2016
DOC: A Tool for Evaluative Habitat III Reporting: Responding to the Need for Implementation Reports, 24 July 2016
DOC: Restoring Human Rights and Habitat to the Habitat III Process and New Habitat Agenda, 19 July 2016
DOC: Counting Costs in Congo, 01 May 2016
CON: HIC: Critiques aux politiques de Habitat III, 05 February 2016
CON: HIC-critics on Habitat III Policy Papers, 05 February 2016
CON: Making social regulation of real estate markets an issue at Habitat III, 02 February 2016
CON: Habitat III Sins of Omission, 01 February 2016
CON: Comments on Habitat III Policy Paper Frameworks, 31 January 2016
CON: Comments on Habitat III Policy Paper Frameworks (overview), 31 January 2016
CON: Comentarios de HIC a los Documentos Marco sobre Políticas de Hábitat III (resumen), 31 January 2016
RES: Land in The Habitat III Regional Report for the Arab Region: Structure, process and outcome issues, 10 January 2016
CON: "Key Issues and Recommendations," Housing in the City We Need UTC, 18 November 2015
DOC: Application des décisions prises par la Conférence des Nations Unies sur les établissements humains (Habitat II) et renforcement du Programme des Nations Unies pour les établissements humains (ONU-Hab, 17 November 2015
CON: Security of Tenure through the Habitat Agenda, 1976–2016, 16 November 2015
CON: Reporte National de México para Hábitat III, 20 October 2015
CON: Fractured Continuity: Habitat II to Habitat III, 10 August 2015
DOC: Herramienta para los Informes Nacionales Paralelos de Hábitat III, 03 August 2015
CON: German CSO Forum Addresses Habitat III, 31 July 2015
CON: HIC Comments on Habitat III Issue Papers, 31 July 2015
CON: HIC Reviews Habitat III Issue Papers, 31 July 2015
ADV: National Habitat III Parallel-reporting Tool, 20 July 2015
DOC: Human Rights Obligations of Local Government, 20 July 2015
CON: أساسيات الموئل الثالث, 16 April 2015
DOC: Habitat II Evaluation Criteria, 03 March 2015
DOC: Right Where You Live: A Glossary of Right-to-the-city Terms, 01 January 2015
RES: The Right to the City: Cairo, 03 November 2014
RES: The Right to the City: Jerusalem, 26 October 2014
DOC: ETOs and Situations of Conflict, Occupation and War: Applying the Maastricht Principles, 11 July 2013
DOC: المنتدى الحضري العالمي السادس: مستقبل المدن, 09 July 2012
DOC: World Social Forum – Tunisia, 04 July 2012
DOC: Urban Social Forum, Naples, Italy, 3-7 September 2012, 04 July 2012
DOC: منتدى الأرض، الدورة الثالثة "الأرض وسيادة الشعوب وتقرير المصير", 17 January 2012
ADV: Carta de la Ciudad de México por el Derecho a la Ciudad, 01 September 2011
DOC: The continuing debate about urban bias: the thesis, its critics, its influence, and its implications for poverty reduction strategies. Progress in Development Studies, 10 (1), 18 July 2010
DOC: Mexico City Charter for the Right to the City, 01 July 2010
DOC: السكن في مصر بين العشوائية والتحضر الرث, 22 May 2010
DOC: “De Vancouver 1976 a Vancouver 2006: Una revisión critica desde la perspectiva no gubernamental”, 01 October 2008
DOC: “De Vancouver 1976 a Vancouver 2006: Una revisión critica desde la perspectiva no gubernamental”, 01 October 2008
CON: From Vancouver 1976 to Vancouver 2006”, 01 September 2008
PUB: Anatomies of a Social Movement: Social Production of Habitat in the Middle East/North Africa (Part I), 01 December 2007
DOC: Namibia: amendments to draft resolution A/C.3/61/L.18/Rev.1 concerning Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 21 November 2006
DOC: Enrique Ortiz Flores, "Hacia una Carta Mundial por el Derecho a la Ciudad", 08 November 2006
DOC: World Habitat Day, 2006 (HIC Press Release), 02 October 2006
RES: Social Production of Housing in Mexico: Its National Importance and Its Economic Impact on Poor Households, 30 September 2006
ADV: World Charter for the Right to the City, 30 September 2005
DOC: Principles on housing and property restitution for refugees, E/CN.4/Sub.2/2005/17, 28 June 2005
ADV: Carta Mundial pelo Direito à Cidade, 31 May 2005
DOC: Urban Policies and the Right to the City Public Debate (discussion paper), 18 March 2005
RES: Rebuilding from the Ruins, Listening to the Voices from Gujarat and Restoring People`s Rights to Housing, Livelihood and Life, A Report on Ethnic Conflict in Gujarat, India, 30 January 2003
DOC: In Quest of Bhabrekar Nagar, 31 December 2001
DOC: El Estatuto da la Ciudad (Lei nº 10.257/01) las directrices generales de la política urbana y otras providencias, 10 July 2001
CON: Constructing a New Social Alternative, NGO/CSO Position Paper,, 03 February 1996
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