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ADV: Leading Landless Women, 13 December 2018
ADV: UN Peasants’ Rights Declaration Adopted in GA, 20 November 2018
ADV: HICtionary Newly Updated, 06 May 2018
CON: 1st Arab Conference on Land Governance, 28 February 2018
CON: South Africa Shouldn’t Copy Mugabe’s Land Reform, 25 January 2018
ADV: New UN Declaration on Peasant Rights, 04 January 2018
ADV: ONU: Nueva declaración sobre derechos de campesinos, 04 January 2018
CON: Out of Africa: Human Rights Habitat Struggles, 07 November 2017
DOC: “Spotlight” on UN High-Level Forum, SDGs, 10 July 2017
CON: Déclaration de Marrakech à CoP22, 17 November 2016
ADV: بيان التحالف بشأن الموئل الثالث, 20 October 2016
ADV: Déclaration de HIC à Quito, 16 October 2016
CON: Alternative Forums outside of Habitat III, 14 October 2016
CON: تحالف للموئل موجهاً اللجنة التحضيرية (3) للموئل الثالث, 27 August 2016
CON: Responsible Land Governance and Secure Tenure in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas, 04 August 2016
CON: HIC Addresses Habitat III PrepCom3, 27 July 2016
CON: African New Habitat Agenda Priorities, 23 February 2016
RES: HLRN-India Launches Habitat III Status Report, 05 February 2016
CON: HIC: Critiques aux politiques de Habitat III, 05 February 2016
CON: HIC-critics on Habitat III Policy Papers, 05 February 2016
CON: HIC Reviews Habitat III Issue Papers, 31 July 2015
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