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      Sanctuary in the City: Beirut

: A New UN Habitat Stakeholder Compact, 30 May 2019
CON: HRBA at UN Habitat Assembly, 29 May 2019
ADV: India: By Court, Forced Evictions Illegal, 20 March 2019
ADV: HICtionary Newly Updated, 06 May 2018
RES: الحق في المدينة في بيروت الكبرى, 23 April 2018
RES: USA: Trump Orders Air-quality Rules Degraded, 20 April 2018
RES: Right to the City in Greater Beirut, 14 April 2018
RES: Pakistan: Lahore City Evicts Slum Dwellers, 07 February 2018
RES: China: Beijing House Demolitions Spark Rare Street Protests, 12 December 2017
CON: Out of Africa: Human Rights Habitat Struggles, 07 November 2017
CON: انعقاد منتدى الأرض السادس في تونس, 25 October 2017
CON: Quest for Right to the City in Asia, 15 September 2017
CON: African Struggles for the Right to the City, 15 September 2017
CON: Quest for the Right to the City in Asia, 15 September 2017
ADV: الحق في المدينة، ما العمل, 30 July 2017
ADV: UNHRC Resolution Links Human Rights to NUA, 27 July 2017
DOC: “Spotlight” on UN High-Level Forum, SDGs, 10 July 2017
CON: HIC, CSOs Brace for NUA Implementation, 14 June 2017
CON: NUA Reporting in 2018 Crucial, 11 May 2017
ADV: Indonesia: Crisis of Bukit Duri Residents, 13 February 2017
ADV: Why Pope Francis Keeps Reaching out to Mayors, 27 January 2017
ADV: “Sanctuary Cities” Defy Trump Threats, 25 January 2017
ADV: Trump Can’t Force “Sanctuary Cities” to Deport, 22 January 2017
ADV: USA: Homeless Camps Offering Democracy Lesson, 04 November 2016
CON: After Habitat III, What’s Next?, 21 October 2016
CON: Implementing the Right to the City, 20 October 2016
ADV: بيان التحالف بشأن الموئل الثالث, 20 October 2016
ADV: Déclaration de HIC à Quito, 16 October 2016
CON: Alternative Forums outside of Habitat III, 14 October 2016
CON: تحالف للموئل موجهاً اللجنة التحضيرية (3) للموئل الثالث, 27 August 2016
ADV: The “Four Rs and Four Ps”, 06 August 2016
ADV: Responsible Land Governance and Secure Tenure in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas, 04 August 2016
CON: HIC Addresses Habitat III PrepCom3, 27 July 2016
CON: HIC/GPR2C Statement on the New Habitat Agenda, 29 June 2016
CON: HIC Responds to Habitat III’s Revised Zero Draft, 28 June 2016
CON: Temas de debate sobre Hábitat III: Borrador cero+, 28 June 2016
CON: Brazil: CSOs Speak out on Habitat III, 31 May 2016
ADV: European Housing Rights Coalition Calls for Action, 07 May 2016
ADV: Right to the City Movement Goes Global, 19 April 2016
ADV: Paris: Voice of the Suburbs, 01 March 2016
ADV: Migration Meets Hamburg: Right to the City, 09 February 2016
RES: HLRN-India Launches Habitat III Status Report, 05 February 2016
CON: HIC: Critiques aux politiques de Habitat III, 05 February 2016
CON: HIC-critics on Habitat III Policy Papers, 05 February 2016
CON: Habitat III Sins of Omission, 01 February 2016
ADV: خطايا الموئل الثالث الناجمة عن الإغفال, 01 February 2016
ADV: France : Plus de 11 K de Roms expulsés en 2015, 12 January 2016
ADV: المغرب: احتجاج على مشاريع مكافحة السكن غير اللائق, 04 December 2015
ADV: Human Rights and the New Urban Agenda, 22 October 2015
ADV: Francis I: “Rights to housing, land, environment and city”, 25 September 2015
ADV: NYC Coop Seeks Permanently Affordable Real Estate, 24 September 2015
ADV: Right to the City and Yerevan’s Construction “Doom”, 16 September 2015
CON: Continuidad fracturada: de Hábitat II a Hábitat III, 15 September 2015
CON: Vision Critical in City Planning, 09 September 2015
ADV: All of Europe Cities Open Doors to Refugees, 08 September 2015
ADV: The Refugees and the Imaginative Urban Planning, 05 September 2015
CON: Fractured Continuity: Habitat II to Habitat III, 10 August 2015
CON: Habitat II Baby, Habitat III Bathwater, 10 August 2015
CON: German CSO Forum Addresses Habitat III, 31 July 2015
CON: HIC Reviews Habitat III Issue Papers, 31 July 2015
CON: Who has the right to live in London?, 22 May 2015
CON: Human Rights Cities Meet at Gwangju, 17 May 2015
RES: The Right to the City: Cairo, 03 November 2014
RES: The Right to the City: Jerusalem, 26 October 2014
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