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: UN Peasants’ Rights Declaration Adopted in GA, 20 November 2018
: USA: 14-Year-long Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Continues, 24 October 2018
ADV: Declaración sobre derechos campesin@s apruebada, 30 September 2018
ADV: CDH adopte la Déclaration des droits des paysans, 30 September 2018
ADV: Ecuador: Chevron to Pay for Environmental Damage, 14 August 2018
ADV: Tanzania: Losing the Serengeti, 02 August 2018
ADV: Expropriation Does Not Equal Land Reform, 01 August 2018
ADV: New Report: Indigenous Groups Fighting Uphill Battle, 31 July 2018
CON: HIC’s role in the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty: Representing the Urban Constituency, 02 July 2018
CON: Antarctica: 3 tn Tonnes of Ice Lost since 1992, 13 June 2018
CON: Puerto Rico: Parasites in Paradise, 06 June 2018
CON: Tanzania: Maasai Losing Lands to Tourism, 25 May 2018
CON: UE : Fin du monopole des multinationales agricoles ?, 02 May 2018
CON: Unearthing Truths: Israel, Nakba and JNF, 01 May 2018
CON: 30 Cities Join Global Sur and Hasankeyf Action Day, 30 April 2018
CON: USA: Forgotten Hurricane Harvey Devastation, 30 April 2018
CON: Peru: Shipibo-Konibo Forced from Forest to Slum, 20 February 2018
CON: Peru: Chaparrí Land Defender Tortured, Killed, 14 February 2018
CON: Coca-Cola, Nestlé Privatizing Guarani Aquifer, 05 February 2018
CON: South Africa Shouldn’t Copy Mugabe’s Land Reform, 25 January 2018
VDB: China’s OBOR Project Dispossesses, Displaces Tibetans, 24 January 2018
VDB: USA: Water Security v. Energy Independence, 04 January 2018
ADV: New UN Declaration on Peasant Rights, 04 January 2018
ADV: Right to the City Charter in Greater Beirut, 17 November 2017
ADV: Right to the City Charter in Greater Beirut, 17 November 2017
CON: Out of Africa: Human Rights Habitat Struggles, 07 November 2017
CON: Final Report of the Sixth Session of the Land Forum in MENA, 30 October 2017
DOC: برنامج منتدى الأرض لشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا, 25 October 2017
CON: انعقاد منتدى الأرض السادس في تونس, 25 October 2017
CON: Turkey: Environmentalists Murdered, 18 October 2017
CON: EPA: Puerto Ricans Resorts to Toxic Water, 15 October 2017
CON: Algeria Eliminates Last Antipersonnel Landmines, 19 September 2017
CON: Peru: Six Land Defenders Shot Dead, 07 September 2017
CON: The Cost of Land Grabbing in Mozambique, 31 August 2017
CON: UN Finance-for-development Reform, 30 August 2017
CON: Houston Drowning—in Its Freedom from Regulations, 28 August 2017
CON: Nicaragua: Future Canal Threatens Mass Eviction, 03 August 2017
CON: USA: EPA Dumps, Drops Duties, 15 July 2017
DOC: Human Rights Habitat Observatory, 10 July 2017
DOC: “Spotlight” on UN High-Level Forum, SDGs, 10 July 2017
DOC: ชุมชนกะเหรี่ยงในพม่ำยื่นคำร้องเรียนŨ, 19 June 2017
DOC: Myanmar’ Karen Protest Harmful Thai Coal Mine, 19 June 2017
DOC: Breaking Bad: Saskatchewan’s Prairie Loss, 14 June 2017
DOC: USA: BP Oil-spill Lawyer Now @ EPA, 07 June 2017
DOC: USA: Trump Names Oil-spill Lawyer to Top DoJ Post, 06 June 2017
CON: Bali Meeting Tackles Oceans’ Plastic Pollution, 26 February 2017
CON: Pennsylvania 1st Fracking-related Earthquakes, 18 February 2017
CON: EU’s Biggest Pension Funds Invest Big in Colonies, 31 January 2017
CON: Colombia: Seeking Justice from Chiquita’s Banana, 27 January 2017
CON: Los incendios forestales en Chile, 24 January 2017
CON: The Right to Adequate Food Seminar: Promoting accountability of food security actions to the people most affected by food insecurity and malnutrition, 24 January 2017
DOC: المياه في المنطقة العربية ... من الملك العام للخصخصة, 23 January 2017
DOC: Canada, U.S. Ban Arctic Drilling, Binding Trump, 21 December 2016
DOC: World Bank: Gaza Water Crisis, Irreversible Damage, 18 December 2016
DOC: Following the Money: Justice for Land Grabs, 16 December 2016
ADV: U.S. Army to Close Standing Rock Protest Camp, 25 November 2016
ADV: Nigerian King Sues Shell in London, 22 November 2016
ADV: «نداء» مؤتمر مراكش على هامش الكوارث المناخية, 21 November 2016
CON: الخطة الحضرية الجديدة، A/71/L.23, 21 November 2016
CON: Nouveau Programme pour les villes, A/71/L.23, 21 November 2016
CON: Nueva Agenda Urbana, A/71/L.23, 21 November 2016
CON: Déclaration de Marrakech à CoP22, 17 November 2016
CON: نداء أخير من المغرب لإنقاذ المناخ, 15 November 2016
RES: Indigenous Rights Key to Saving Forests, 02 November 2016
DOC: The Impact of the Daryan Dam on Kurdistan Region, 28 October 2016
ADV: بيان التحالف بشأن الموئل الثالث, 20 October 2016
ADV: Déclaration de HIC à Quito, 16 October 2016
CON: Alternative Forums outside of Habitat III, 14 October 2016
CON: Queer Declaration calling for inclusion in Habitat 3, 07 September 2016
CON: تحالف للموئل موجهاً اللجنة التحضيرية (3) للموئل الثالث, 27 August 2016
CON: 2,500 Native Americans Block Oil Pipeline, 23 August 2016
CON: منتدى الحق في المياه: قوة عربية بوجه الخصخصة والتلوث, 15 August 2016
ADV: The “Four Rs and Four Ps”, 06 August 2016
ADV: New WB Policies Imperil Environment, Land Defenders, 04 August 2016
DOC: What Papua New Guinea Said, 26 July 2016
DOC: Habitat II Commitments on Rural Habitat, 21 July 2016
DOC: Restoring Human Rights and Habitat to the Habitat III Process and New Habitat Agenda, 19 July 2016
DOC: Brazil: Rio Water Privatisation Imposed for Games, 14 July 2016
DOC: U.S. Congress Mulls Lifting Protection of Commons, 10 July 2016
DOC: India Mine Displaced 400 Adivasi Families, 07 July 2016
DOC: India Mine Displaced 400 Adivasi Families, 07 July 2016
CON: HIC Responds to Habitat III’s Revised Zero Draft, 28 June 2016
CON: HIC response to Habitat III revised zero draft, 28 June 2016
CON: Commentarios de la HIC sobre el borrador cero revisado del Habitat III, 28 June 2016
CON: USA: Fed Killed 3.2 mil Animals in 2015, 24 June 2016
CON: USA: Pennsylvania Town Defeats Nestlé`s, 16 June 2016
CON: Choctaw v Climate Change: “The earth is speaking”, 13 June 2016
ADV: CFS Recommendations on Connecting Smallholders to Markets, 09 June 2016
ADV: Food Experts: “Adopt Agroecology or Perish”, 02 June 2016
ADV: Palestine: Paris Agreement and Environmental Justice, 03 May 2016
ADV: Counting Costs in Congo, 01 May 2016
DOC: Déclaration Finale, Atelier de formation des Communautés Locales d’Inga sur La Quantification des conséquences du déplacement, 29 April 2016
DOC: Calculer les montants des pertes au Congo, 29 April 2016
DOC: Livret vert de la Convergence, 19 March 2016
DOC: Livret vert de la Convergence des luttes pour la terre et l`eau, 19 March 2016
ADV: "Land, Territory and Dignity" Forum Declaration, 09 March 2016
DOC: التوصية العامة رقم 34 بشأن حقوق المرأة الريفية, 07 March 2016
DOC: African New Habitat Agenda Priorities, 23 February 2016
DOC: A Last Chance for the World`s Forests?, 13 February 2016
RES: HLRN-India Launches Habitat III Status Report, 05 February 2016

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